Articles and ebooks and recipes oh my!

Lots more stuff on the way!

I have to search around some old drives but I think I maybe have some of the ebooks and such we used to give out.  They were pretty good and added a bit of variety to the mix.  I also have a bunch of articles that I bought about a year ago but they are terrible and need rewriting so that will take some time.  But – back by popular demand – recipes!  We’ll have all the old favorites as well as some simple but good fat burning recipes.  This time they will all be in one big ebook which our members will get for free. (Membership is free by the way.)

How to use the 101 Fat Burning Foods shopping list…

It is very simple.  Eat the foods on the list and exclude the garbage from your diet and you can’t help but lose weight.  If you get hungry substitute what you are craving for something on the list.  For example, if you want something sweet, ditch the candy bars and eat a handful of berries.  No, it’s not a Snickers bar but it will definitely help you get through.  This is all about substitution, not rocket science.

We’re back!

I took some time off the internet to sort of clear my head and rethink things a little bit.  We’re going to grow the site by adding a free members area and of course we’ll have TONS of fat fighting information for you.  But for now, I’m just going to get things going again to reclaim our rightful spot as the world’s #1 Fat Burning Foods site, the one, the only, 101 Fat Burning Foods!!!! Woohoo!

PS… In our absence I couldn’t help but notice that people have more or less stolen our entire old site, word for word, and put it on their sites.  This will come to an end shortly as we begin to enforce our intellectual property rights.  

REMEMBER:  We are the original fat burning foods site.  We’ve been helping people for years and years and we can help you too. 

ANYWAY… We’re back, baby!