We’re back!

I took some time off the internet to sort of clear my head and rethink things a little bit.  We’re going to grow the site by adding a free members area and of course we’ll have TONS of fat fighting information for you.  But for now, I’m just going to get things going again to reclaim our rightful spot as the world’s #1 Fat Burning Foods site, the one, the only, 101 Fat Burning Foods!!!! Woohoo!

PS… In our absence I couldn’t help but notice that people have more or less stolen our entire old site, word for word, and put it on their sites.  This will come to an end shortly as we begin to enforce our intellectual property rights.  

REMEMBER:  We are the original fat burning foods site.  We’ve been helping people for years and years and we can help you too. 

ANYWAY… We’re back, baby! 

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